The beginning

In 2018, we started off with our first project, Project Mandalay. In partnership with a local NGO Shay Yay Sat, we managed to reach out to various villagers and orphanages as well. 

Meet the Team

Dr. Nate Wong

Kong Rui Ting

Aaron Ho

Bruno Chin

Cedric Chua

Estee Soh

Lim Mei Ling

Tai Zhang Yong

Robby Goh

Jeremy Lee

Hannah Lim

Michelle Tam

The Journey




Day 1: We’ve arrived! Our mission is to understand the challenges faced by those who may not be receiving adequate healthcare and to bring awareness to the inequalities around the world. We all didn’t know what to expect, but thanks to everyone we meet along the way, it made our beginning much easier.


Aung Thu Kha

Day 2:  The weather was thrilling throughout the 12 hours bus ride to Mandalay from Yangon, but finally we’ve arrived at the hostel safely. This was the first day of work and despite the initial slow start, we still managed to see all patients, with the help of the local doctors. We were very well received by these smiling children and we had a delicious home-cooked meal!


Aung Mingalar


Day 3:  Here, the villagers offered us utilities such as meat and electricity. To us, they may seem like necessities, but to them they are luxurious, only meant to be enjoyed every now and then. We sincerely appreciated and thanked them for their hospitality, showing us the gift of giving. Through this act of kindness, we understood it wasn’t about the price of giving, but the meaning and sacrifice behind it.


Sint Kaing

Day 4: We visited the Sin Kaing Monastery, and after a warm welcome, with amazing food and friendliness, the students happily gathered in the front of the school and waved us goodbye. It was a touching sight to behold. See our Instagram page for this warming scene! @projectmandalay




Day 5: After seeing the villagers here, it started to rain heavily, so much that a river formed and it was too deep for our bus to pass through. To head back we had to sit in a wooden cart pulled by cows instead. It was a unique experience that we never thought we would get in this trip.



Day 6: To get to Kalaw, we had to sit on the back of a truck and ride through the Shan Hills, accompanied by a magnificent view of the different villages scattered throughout the mountains. Fun fact: the Shan Hills extend from Yunnan in China, all the way through Myanmar to Thailand! It was an intense day with many emergency cases. The whole team was on their toes and active throughout, with some patients’ lives on the line. Thankfully, the whole team reacted well and accordingly with the limited resources available.


Inlay Minkyaung

Day 7: Today we took a smaller tuk-tuk style car to get to this Monastery. We saw a lot of different people, from children to the elderly. Throughout these days, there were a lot of patients whom we felt they needed to seek further medical attention and whom we wanted to refer to the nearest hospital. However, many were not able to go, not only due to their financial situations but also because they did not have the means of transportation to get there...



Day 8: This was the last village we were visiting, and our spirits were high from the previous few days. Our visit coincided with the children’s exams, so we sang songs and played games with the rest while waiting for the exams to end. It was a very good ending for the trip! But, due to a lack of funds, the children had minimal food and no meat. We realised how important the donations to these monasteries are, in order to allow the children to be well-nourished and grow healthily.



Day 9: Throughout these days, we still managed to visit the touristic spots of Mandalay and Yangon at the end of the day. We visited places such as the U Bein Bridge, the Kuthodaw Pagoda and the famous Shwedagon Pagoda. We immersed ourselves in their rich culture, visiting the Jade Market, and even trying on their traditional clothing, the Longyi. And with that, our trip came to its conclusion. Looking back, it was a fruitful experience with many ups and downs, and we are looking forward to our next iteration of Project Mandalay!


The people whom we visited, children and adults alike, were nothing short of hospitable. Daily necessities such as food and electricity which are so often taken for granted back home were offered to us at great expense and we sincerely appreciate and thank them for their hospitality.

Project Mandalay Team of 2018

Project Mandalay

in the Media

Project Mandalay was featured in a local Burmese newspaper!

"Health-related work in Orphanage and Monastery Schools


Shae Yae Sat, Project Mandalay and Social Welfare Team came together to carry out health-related work in July.


They provided medical treatment at Aung Thu Kha Orphanage Convent School, Aung Mingalar Orphanage, Sint Kaing Orphanage, Meitthilar Orphanage, Kalawy Orphanage, Inlay Minkayung Village and Taunggyi Orphanage School.


They conducted medical examinations and provided health education to about 1810 patients. Doctors from Project Mandalay helped in the above healthcare work."

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